Conforto Personalidade Qualidade - Best Guest


Best Guest is a brand of premium knitwear that acts predominantly in the men's sector and will soon be launching a women and children's fashion knitwear line.

Wearing Best Guest suggests the "best guest" dress code, communicating the art of recognition and well-groomed image trusted on the excellence quality of its knits reflected in one's wardrobe.

The essence of the Best Guest concept translates into a unique image inspired by the classics yet contemporary and versatile style.

Perfectly suited for every occasion, Best Guest pays tribute to both Sportswear Spirit and European Sophistication in the most varied occasions, whether formal or informal - casual, business or relaxed.

Best Guest's mission is to consistently deliver elegant, comfortable and solid knitwear with timeless design with high quality standards.

We guarantee a rigorous process of demands in all stages of production from a careful selection of yarns and other raw materials to the design conception based on fashion trends coupled with precision in the manufacturing and finishing phases to the final packaging.

Welcome to the elegant BEST GUEST universe.